Andrea Matousek

Picture by: Andreas Budtke

"Find a job you love and you'll never work a day in your life"

Marc Anthony


About me:

I was born in Switzerland in 1999 and started with acrobatics at the age of 9. I visited the Art and Sport School in Switzerland and at the age of 14 I joined to the Berlin School for Acrobatic Arts. There I graduated  in 2018 majoring in dance trapeze.

When I am on stage I can forget about everything and just enjoy the moment. I love the feeling to perform in front of many people and to feel the freedom while I am hanging above the audience. Since the first time I performed it was clear to me that I want to make my passion into my profession.


D - Currently working at GOP-Varieté, der kleine Prinz auf Station 7

USA  - Cruise Ship: Virgin Voyage  -Scarlet Lady 2020

D - Balingen, Silvestergala 2019/20

D - Berlin, Der blaue Montag 2019

D - Frankfurt Oder, Der blaue Mittwoch 2019

D  - München, Roncalli (as part of A.PPLAUS) 2019

D - Berlin, Wittwergala Wintergarten Berlin 2019

D - Berlin, Lollapalooza Berlin 2019

D - Bremen, Das Supertalent 2019

D - Koblenz, Gauklerfestival 2019

D - Stuttgart, Jubiläum Oskar Frech GmbH 2019

D - Würzburg, Modehaus Gebrüder Götz 2019

D - Würzburg, Porsche Zentrum Würzburg 2019

D - Stuttgart, Varieté Glücksklee 2019

D - Freiburg, International Kulturbörse Freiburg 2019

IRL - Dublin, Irelands National Circus Fossett 2018/19

D - Münster, Meisterfeier Handwerkskammer Münster 2018

CH - Zürich, La Poesia 2018

D - Absolventshow 2018

D - Berlin, Holiday Inn Event 2018

D - Berlin, Friedrichstadtpalast Kinderrevue 2017/18

D - Berlin, Max-Schmeling-Halle Jugend trainiert für Olympia 2017

UK - Blackpool, Tower Circus 2016/17

D - Berlin, Lollapalooza 2016 & 2017

F - Le Mans, Le Mans fait son cirque 2016 & 2017

D - Frankfurt, Asian Development Bank 2016

D - Berlin, Tipi am Kanzleramt - Galadinner 2016

D - Berlin Festival  2015


European Youth Circus Wiesbaden 2016

Bronze medal & Special prize of  „Circus-, Variété- und Artistenfreunde Schweiz“

Golden Kasthan - Kyiv International Youth Festival of Circus Art 2019

Special prize of the Kyiv International Circusfestival "Golden Kasthan"

Circuba - International Festival of Cuba 2019 (without rating because of the special event of 500 years Havanna) 




Photo shootings

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Technical requirement:

  • 1 Ceiling point: for 300kg weight

  • Minimum height: 5 meters